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Running the Software

The command shell usage of the client is as follows:

   java -jar Boggle.jar [Server]

The Server argument can be used to explicity specify the address of the game server to use. The Server argument may either be a fully qualified host name (e.g., or an IP address in dot notation (e.g. If the Server argument is omitted, "localhost" will be used, and you will also need to run the BoggleServer on your machine (Which is included in the download package).

Normally to start the software, you would change to the directory that contains the BoggleClient jar file using a command shell, and then type the following and press enter:

   java -jar Boggle.jar

You will then need to run a BoggleServer on your machine, and this can be done by changing to the directory that contains the BoggleServer jar file, and then typing:

   java -jar BoggleServer.jar

This will run the server, at which point you are ready to start playing a game!

NOTE: If you are using windows and have the Java plug-in control pannel installed, you can run jar files by simply double clicking on them in Explorer.


OBJECT:To list, within 3 minutes, as many words of the highest point value as you can find among the random assortment of letters in the cube tray.

PLAYING:When the timer starts, you must search the assortment of letters in the cube tray for words of three letters or more. When you find a word, you should select it an submit it in an attempt to increase your score (See the section about How To Play for a description as to how this is done).

Words are formed from adjoining letters. Letters must join in the proper sequence to spell a word. They may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, to the left, right, or up-and-down. No letter cube, however, may be used more than once within a single word.

Figures 1, 2 and 3

Figures 1 through 3 show how words can be formed using the adjoining letters S, 0, L, I.

Figures 4 and 5

Figures 4 and 5 show two incorrect spelling techniques: 1) In "SOILS" (Fig. 4) the one adjoining "s" is used twice; 2) to form "SOAR" (Fig. 5) requires skipping over the letter "r." No skipping is allowed; letters must adjoin in sequence.

Try your skill at finding the hidden words in the letter arrangement above. There are more than 70 words, including "molar," "prose," and "turmoil." Can you find more?

TYPES OF WORDS ALLOWED: Any word (noun, adjective, adverb, etc.) is acceptable as long as it can be found in a standard English dictionary. Plural nouns are allowed, as are all verb tenses. Words within words are also permissible; e.g.,spare: spa, par, are, spar, pare.

SCORING: When the timer runs out, the grid will become disabled and no further word submissions will be acceptable.

NO. OF LETTERS: 3 4 5 6 7 8 or more
POINTS: 1 1 2 3 5 11


How to Start and Play a New Game

To start a new game do the following:

Viewing Highscores

The game keeps two types of highscore table. There is a highscore table that is specific to the grid that you are playing, and there is also an overall highscore table.

The overall highscore table can be viewed at any time by doing the following:

The highscores for each grid will only be displayed when you complete the play of a single grid. Once the time for a game has expired, a dialog will appear to tell you that your time has expired. When you dismiss this dialog by clicking the 'Ok' button, the highscore table for that grid will be displayed.

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