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1973,1976,1977 Parker Brothers, Div. of General Mills Fun Group, Inc.

What is it?

Boggle is a word game, in which players attempt to find words on a randomly created grid of letters. In this version, points are awarded for each word that is found on the grid, and the game is played against a time limit of three minutes (Great for coffee breaks!).

This computer version is written in Java and allows you to play with the objective of getting the highest score.

Download and Documentation

This implementation is completely free and can be copied and distributed as many times as you like. I only ask that it isn't sold for profit to anyone.

You can download the software here.

The help file that is included in the client package can be viewed online here. This gives the rules to the game and also information about how to run the game.

Michael McTernan,Michael McTernan